Welcome to the 2016 hackajob x HackLondon Challenge! Thank you for choosing to take part in ours – we're thankful to see such a great turnout, and we're really excited to see what you come up with over the next few hours. We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank UCLU TechSoc and KCL Tech for having us this weekend, and for setting up what should be a great time.

180 minutes
Any coding language accepted

The Challenge

Bill is an interior designer and he has to fit 5 pieces of furniture into a 200x200 ft room. He must arrange the furniture in such a way that a piece of machinery that is 200x80 ft would fit in the room.

Please see below the dimensions of the pieces of furniture:
1) Square - 50 x 50
2) Rectangle - 50 x 40
3) Special Shape - 25x20
4) Special Shape - 30x18
5) Rectangle - 100x25

You have to write a script (in any programming language) that would generate the x and y coordinates for the 5 pieces of furniture and the machinery.

The Swag

We'll be giving a prize to the person/team who we think creates the best solution to the problem our challenge presents. This prize includes: A Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit and a hackajob t-shirt.


Once you click the 'Start' button, you'll be asked to answer a few quick Qs (takes < 1 min) to setup your profile for the challenge. Once you finish that, you'll be taken straight to the challenge page, where you can get started.