DualCode (beta)

Remote pair programming that works
DualCode enables you to assess candidate competency with ease. Supporting both frontend and backend languages, you can test tech talent across a wide variety of roles including software development, engineering and more.

Free for anyone who needs it

At this time, it’s more important than ever that we join forces and help one another out, which is why we’re making our DualCode tool free for everyone to use, no matter whether you’re a hackajob customer or not.

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Your test, your rules

Creating a remote pair programming test is easier than ever, thanks to DualCode. You can choose to create and write your own unit tests, or choose a pre-built one from our custom library. We recommend that you use our blank IDE to go over any concepts and then select a challenge from our library to judge code competency.

Live chat simplified

We’ve made it so video is enabled, meaning you can speak to candidates live via our handy chat tool. What’s more, you’ll be able to see their screen and watch them write code on the spot, as well as send through any files or documents you’d like them to go through. Don’t forget to take control of the screen and annotate, as and when you need.


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