Episode 11: The Tech Recruitment Show with Rosemarie Wilson

Thursday, July 30, 202040 min

In this week's episode, we're joined by Rosemarie Wilson, Mindset and Leadership Coach, Pragmatica Coaching.

A speaker, mentor and advocate for women in tech, Rosemarie is an absolute powerhouse and definitely one of our favourite guests that we've had on the show. Discussing why career coaching in early life is so important, Rosemarie takes us through her own work journey; from becoming disillusioned with the corporate world all the way through to retraining, honing her craft and starting her own coaching business.

What's more, Rosemarie and Darren chat about the glass ceiling and how detrimental it is, why businesses need to be making space for women in their organisations and how we as individuals have a responsibility to help young people uncover what they're actually interested in and give them the tools to get there.

You can reach out to Rosemarie here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosemarieywilson/
Visit Rosemarie's website here: https://www.pragmaticacoaching.com/
Listen to Rosemarie's live coaching session for 'Women in Tech': https://womenintech.virtualconference.com/#/event (you'll need to register first in order to watch the video)

If you have any comments or queries, make sure to reach out via 'hello@hackajob.co' and we'll be in touch. 

*Disclaimer* Please note that this episode was pre-recorded on Friday 19th June and all participants took part separately.

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