Read our success stories and learn how we've helped companies hire tech talent since the UK has gone into lockdown

Sara Ackroyd

Talent Manager, Push Doctor

hackajob is a fantastic platform that is an essential recruitment tool supporting Push Doctor's growth as we scale up the business and is a great tech-focused platform. 

We’ve found strong talent both local and across the UK, and Dave, Liv and the team are incredibly supportive throughout the end-to-end process and have a deep understanding of the business requirements and company culture. 

We’re delighted to be partnering with hackajob as it’s a great way to connect with top tech talent and a real benefit to our business. Great work! It’s a pleasure to partner with such a great team.

Michael Moore

Lead Recruitment Business Partner, Cox Automotive

At Cox Automotive we’re transitioning into a technology business and hackajob have been helping us find the best Digital talent available. Historically we’ve struggled as a business in a competitive market to attract good people who haven’t heard of our brand, and hackajob have been a great help in assisting us to find hard to reach talent. I look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with the team!

Helen Adesina

Resourcing Partner - Digital IT and Tech, Vodafone

hackajob has given our Digital Engineering team access to a wider pool of talented technical candidates with a range of skill sets across modern technologies. This has really helped shape the digital transformation that we at Vodafone are going through as a business.

hackajob really understands what we’re looking for as a company and are able to deliver this with speed and efficiency. We’ve made some excellent hires through hackajob over the last year and ran some amazing digital events. 

Collaborating with hackajob is a true partnership, as we are also able to gain insights into the current market around candidates as well as other businesses, which is invaluable.

Sean Allen

Recruitment Manager, D&I Champion & Squad Lead, BJSS

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, hackajob reacted quickly to provide some excellent and detailed tech recruitment training to the recruitment community. The sessions have been informative, interactive and all content shared after. The slack community they created to enable continued discussion has been great.

Alex Wharton

Head of Resourcing and Talent, Ordnance Survey

hackajob has provided a platform for us to access tech talent in what has been a notoriously challenging and competitive market. We’ve already seen a return on investment having successfully hired great candidates via the platform. The team at hackajob took time to really understand our organisational recruitment strategy, challenges and demographic and where they could support us in the tech arena and we’ve begun to develop a strong partnership that is seeing us tap into high quality pools of tech talent.

Ryan Bolton-Smith

Talent Acquisition Lead, Bud

hackajob is a great platform that continues to add features that genuinely makes it even easier to use. There’s a constant flow of candidates from Go to DevOps candidates which are really manageable to hire for. The account management at hackajob is second to none, you're always kept up to date with new candidates coming in that suit your roles.

Dan Chetty

Senior Resourcing Partner and Team Leader, Vodafone

Vodafone are on a historic journey, transitioning into a technology business. hackajob has been instrumental with assisting us to bring on the best Digital talent available. Not only has hackajob helped to identify quality candidates, they have assisted us with building our digital brand and partnered on several compelling webinar events. hackajob are extremely easy to work with, and no task has been too much for the team!

Amelia Steele

Recruitment Lead, AND Digital

We’ve definitely seen an increase in candidate engagement by using hackajob. We really like how well hackajob manages the candidate process - they give candidates impartial advice and coaching which is super helpful AND they make sure to stay in touch with them all and make sure they’re ok - it’s great to see. Our Southern team has seen huge success with hackajob so we’re really keen to keep the relationship going.

Robert Holdstock

Talent Acquisition Partner, Secret Escapes

My experience with hackajob has been really positive. Before using their platform, our average cost per hire for tech was 10k and since partnering with them, it’s gone down to 4k (versus agency fees). 

What’s more, alongside our own efforts, our acceptance rate has bumped up to 86%. Whenever any changes need to be made in terms of our ways of working as a business, their product team is always onboard and really supportive. 

Overall, they really care not only about their clients, but their candidates too. It’s a good business model run by good people and we absolutely plan on continuing to use them in the future.

Samuel Obafemi

Recruitment Lead, AND Digital

It’s been such an easy process with hackajob regarding getting the right talent and they really understand our business and overall ‘tone’. It’s almost like they’re part of the team. To date, we’ve made 110+  hires with hackajob and saved over £480k vs traditional agency fees. I see us partnering even closer with hackajob and there’s a huge opportunity for cross-learning on both sides. Overall, it’s a great partnership!