We are on a journey

We want to revolutionise tech recruitment, to make it easier
for employers to hire the best talent and help candidates find their dream job.


How it all started


hackajob is an online marketplace that allows companies to fast track their recruitment process by hiring engineers who have already proven their ability in specific domains. The job search process is both fun and engaging for candidates, whilst allowing companies to interact with techies in their element.

Founded in November 2014 by university friends Razvan Creanga and Mark Chaffey, hackajob was born out of their frustration with the traditional recruitment agency approach and the difficulty to hire top developers. Now a team of 20+, hackajob is on a mission to connect the best digital talent with the most exciting companies, globally.


The team

Razvan Creanga
Co-Founder, CEO

Startups x travelling. Full-stack entrepreneur. Roger Federer fan.

Mark Chaffey
Co-Founder, COO

Obsessive by nature. Loves selling things. Man United fanatic.

Jamie Frost
Account Executive

Passionate Account Executive. Sport fanatic.
Always looking to improve.

Vlad Iacob
Lead Software Engineer

Microservices enthusiast.
Try and fail, but never fail to try.

Abrar Nazir
Lead Talent Advocate

Loves recruitment and all things digital. Guitarist, chicken enthusiast, huge fan of updog.

Valentin Pascau
Software Engineer

Loves scalable technologies.
To iterate is human, to recurse, divine.

Jasmin Taffurelli
Talent Advocate

Loves comp games and PCs, Bass Guitarist, Loves Stand-Up, 90’s alt music lover.

Bogdan Fichitiu
Software Engineer

Addicted to Tech.
Every solution to every problem is simple.

Talent Advocate

People person, art/music lover, exploring and
loving anything to do with London.

Razvan Ciocoiu
Software Engineer

The art challenges the technology,
and the technology inspires the art.

Phil Kell
Talent Advocate

Full-time finding developers great roles, part-time creative, passionate about NUFC.

Radu Cirstean
Automation Engineer

Quality over quantity. Sees problems as
opportunities. Loves automation.

Aman Gupta
Talent Advocate

Lover of Trainers, Liverpool FC fanatic
and scouse.

Dragos Andrei
Curation Specialist

Passionate about Web Dev. Team player.
Always looking to learn new things.

Darren Ellicott
Account Executive

Geek at heart. Long suffering Arsenal fan. Loves swimming with Manatees.

Jack Freeman
Account Executive

Loves tech. When he is not on TechCrunch you will find him playing music with his band.

James Butler
Account Executive

Glory-seeking Man Utd fan from Sheffield.
Loves visiting new countries and tech.

Harry Hilditch
Talent Advocate

Loves helping people with their careers.
Another long-suffering Arsenal fan…

Olivia Taylor
Talent Advocate

Passionate about learning.
Loves cartoons and exploring new places.

Jade Nicholson-Lamb
Office Manager

Loves organising anything and everything.
Passionate dancer and scuba diver.

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