We believe technical recruitment is broken.
We're revolutionising the process to make it smarter, faster, and more meritocratic.

6 things we believe about technical recruitment

1. Being evaluated for Software Development roles should be about how well you can write code - not who you know or how well your CV looks on the surface.

2. Credentials are an indicator of your performance as a Developer, that’s all. Developers who perform well in the real world come from all sorts of backgrounds.

3. Humans are great, but we lack objectivity in making crucial hiring decisions. Our deep analysis of 31,981 programmer data points found that AI consistently performs better than humans at identifying Developers' coding strengths and best suited roles in an equivalent timeframe.

That's why we built our own! Our AI platform keeps getting smarter through machine learning and the Developers & tech companies using hackajob keep getting happier.

4. Transparency enables everyone to make better hiring decisions. Profiles on hackajob are uniformly scored and Developers are given clear guidance on how they can progress. After all, iterative learning and improvement is at the heart of every great Developer.

5. We stand for equality of opportunity regardless of gender, race, or whether our candidates are Junior Programmers or seasoned Senior Software Engineers. We give Developers a choice between uploading past coding projects or completing coding challenges on the platform for our AI platform to rate them fairly.

6. Developers are in a weaker negotiating position than hiring managers. We help bridge this gap by providing data on market value salaries based on skills, industry and code. We also assign Talent Advocates to guide Developers through interviews and help them get contract terms that are fairer for everyone.

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