Building diverse teams

Research shows us that the best performing teams are diverse, yet hiring often exposes both our conscious and unconscious biases; whether it’s ethnicity, race, disability, gender or social/educational backgrounds and more.

We’re here to support you to hire diversely by helping to remove bias in both the sourcing and selection process. In fact, our unbiased hiring module removes unconscious bias right from the start of the hiring process by anonymising potentially biased data points. We’ll also be there to advise you on how to run effective and unbiased interviews.


Katy Garnham-Lee

Talent Executive, Gymshark

I would definitely recommend hackajob - they really do take the heavy lifting out from our side so that we can focus on other areas and we’re really excited to continue working with them.

Boost diversity in your teams

Over 22% of our candidates are female, which is 2.5 times the industry average

Remove bias from hiring

We’ll help to make your candidate shortlist diverse by removing bias throughout your interview process

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Scaling tech teams

Our pipeline of relevant, engaged candidates are ready to interview and our hybrid approach of combining human vetting and skills matching makes tech hiring simple.

Hiring remote teams

We’ll help you to source candidates who are looking for remote working opportunities, in your timezone.